Sunday, 25 May 2008

My Yu'Tir Tau Sept so far:

Here is the Yu'Tir Tau Sept so far:

Hope you like them as much as i do :D.
I now have to wait until i buy my next Unit: Tau Fire Warriors.

The Mini-Diorama!

I spent a while custom forging a Mini-Diorama from a spare flying base that came with my Piranha (the big base) i used my proxxon multi-tool to grind it away into molten plastic until the holes fitted 4 40mm bases (you know, the black ones). after this, i had to glue in all the 4 finished models (3 XV25 and the Stealth-Field Generator) and fill in any gaps with blue-tack. When all finished, i just did "Red Desert" on it and it looked amazing! Here it is:

Mini-Diorama with Custom Fusion-Drone:

There we go, I am very happy with the finished outcome and hope you like it!

Making Of : "Red Desert"

Now that i have revealed the custom Fusion-Drone i can now show the making of "Red Desert" which features the custom Fusion-Drone.
Step 1:
Cover the base with a thin(ish) layer of PVA glue then leave in a pot of sand and wait for it to dry:

Step 2:
Simple really, just cover it all in Chaos Black (or any other black you happen to have):

Step 3:
Medium-Heavy drybrush Blood red until it looks good:

The pictures do not illustrate it that well, just let me tell you that it looks cool when finished.

Yu'Tir Sept Custom Fusion-Drone

This Drone came about as i don't like to waste bits :). I had a spare fusion gun from the Stealth-Suits so i fiddled around a bit and came up with the Following, i am very pleased with him and i hope you like It:

Once again, a blurry picture but you get the idea. I have decided to base the flying bases with "Red Desert" rather than leave them clear because i feel that it unifies all the units and makes them feel more like an army and less like individuals.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Yu'Tir Sept XV25 Stealthsuits

I am very pleased with my Yu'Tir Sept XV25 Stealth-Suits. I have made a little surprise (above) but for now i have a picture of 1 Shas'Ui XV25 finished and based with the "Red Desert" Scheme:

I am aware that the pictures are very blurry, try to look at them from a distance :P all 3 XV25s have burstcannons and the Shas'Vre has a "Hard-Wired Drone Controller" and a "Markerlight" and also some extra red paint to show his authority.
Again, there you have it the Yu'Tir Sept XV25 Stealth-Suit.
Stealth-Field Generator:
i didnt think this little thing warranted enough importance for its own post (just some fancy words :P) so i added it into the XV25 section (because it came with them, duh). It is basically a little antenna-thingy that sits on the ground and cloaks the XV25 Suits, here it is:

Again very blurry but you get the idea.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Yu'Tir Sept Piranha

This here is the Yu'Tir Sept Piranaha. Completely finished with extra weathering (drybrushing mithril silver :P):

I hope you like it, it has been done with the "Red Desert" base that all my Tau will have although you cannot really see it. The Drones are glued in as i never plan on playing with the tau, they are purely for show, therefore i will not need to detach them form the unit to go hunt some Orks or whatever...
So, there you have it, the Yu'Tir Sept Tau Piranha.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

First Post

I have started to collect a Warhammer 40K T'au army and wanted to share it with you! The first model i bought was the Tau piranha, it looks awesome and from what i hear it is quite useful in the game as well. I have decided to call my army the "Yu'Tir" Tau Sept, the main colours are Chaos Black and Mechrite Red.
all for now,