Monday, 19 May 2008

Yu'Tir Sept XV25 Stealthsuits

I am very pleased with my Yu'Tir Sept XV25 Stealth-Suits. I have made a little surprise (above) but for now i have a picture of 1 Shas'Ui XV25 finished and based with the "Red Desert" Scheme:

I am aware that the pictures are very blurry, try to look at them from a distance :P all 3 XV25s have burstcannons and the Shas'Vre has a "Hard-Wired Drone Controller" and a "Markerlight" and also some extra red paint to show his authority.
Again, there you have it the Yu'Tir Sept XV25 Stealth-Suit.
Stealth-Field Generator:
i didnt think this little thing warranted enough importance for its own post (just some fancy words :P) so i added it into the XV25 section (because it came with them, duh). It is basically a little antenna-thingy that sits on the ground and cloaks the XV25 Suits, here it is:

Again very blurry but you get the idea.

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